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Expenditure For Winter[1]

Once upon a time, there was a poor and jobless man whose only prosperity was a cow. Someday, he thought to himself:” it’s winter now. It’d better kill the cow, parch it and eat its meat during winter.” He kills the cow and hands cow’s gut to his wife saying:” take it by the river and wash. I’m collecting other things with children.”

They had two children. He advices his children:” this meat cannot meet our needs. Don’t let your mother in when she is back. Even don’t let her in if he gets through door or window.”

Poor woman comes back home and see that the door is shut. She stands near the window crying out:” why don’t you open up the door?”

“Our father said that this amount of meat cannot suffice all of us.” Kids say.

The woman cries and grieves, keeps knocking the door. “Go and keep cow’s gut with you. Go everywhere you want.” The man says.

Black out.Dogs start yowling. She throws the gut for dogs and leaves there. She goes, goes and goes till she arrives in where she finds a mountain from which smoke is raising up.“ I am going to go there. Don’t care what happens.” She says to herself.

She goes and sees that there is a cave in which a number of angels holding wedding ceremony. She sees a big pot of Halwa[2], another big pot consisting of Palaw[3] and the other filled with meat. Whereas she is so hungry, she starts eating and eats as much as she can. The angels were enjoying their ceremony and don’t see the human. The ceremony came to end, angels went out and woman stayed lonely.

Long period of time went by. One day the woman remembered her children and thoughts to herself:” let’s go and see what happened on them.”

Winter was gone. The woman comes looking in through window. She sees that her children and her husband has laid back and are hungry. One of the kids is praying:” oh Lord, give my alimentary.” The woman has brought some Halwa, Palaw and meat, and throws some of it toward his son. The other boy asks his brother:” what did you have to eat?”

“Nothing” the other says.

The other boy prays:” oh Lord, give my alimentary.”

The woman throws some.

Seeing the situation, his husband prays:” oh Lord, give my alimentary.”

The woman throws a huge stone and makes his husband’s mouth bleeding. The kids are worried and come to the window and see their mother asking her: “why did you do that?”

“Your father threw me away when he killed the cow.” The woman responds. “Winter has gone and the meat has been eaten. God did not leave me alone. Now I am living in a cave. I could bear, so I have come to take you with me. But I have nothing to do with your father.”

Her husband begs him saying “take me with you”, but the woman does not accept.

“I leave you alone as you did for me.” The woman says.

[1] Narrated by Qamar Gol, 45 years old, Originally from Ghazni grown up in Panjab and Behsud, 1381

[2] A kind of food made of flour, oil and sugar cooking in where Hazaras are living

[3] A kind of food made of rice

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