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My Motivation Letter for DAAD (Accepted)

To DAAD Scholarship Program!

There is a famous quote that all the thinkers have ever been pondering over, "god is I, not someone else; then, do for you, don’t care of other." This quote has been pestering me since I heartfelt understood what kind of "me" we entirely require after three decades of war.

Everybody believes that the "time" will change everything. We have had time and history as well, but where is the change? Cultural matters, some tell, is the key phenomenon for the people of a land to be unified. We have got 5000 years of cultural values, but who could be witness of alteration? Terror, horror-nationally or internationally- originates from mottos, quotes and issues that are all in the paper. Afghanistan have them all had since disintegration of Taliban, but what type of transformation have been come in Afghanistan? Posing such critical questions are every Afghan intellectual's rational dilemma, but who can pave the way to find the solution or just could resolve them? The only one is, a good leader (in my view a communicated team-leaders).

The reason for choosing this specific Master Program comes from the fact that Afghanistan needs some new-born leaders who have new thoughts. Also master of public policy in Afghanistan is needed because of the following reasons:

1. By my knowledge of public policy, day to day, changes will come to the way of leadership and monitoring from self-leading to a team-leadership.

2. I, as a new-learnt leader, will fill the scarcity of tailored and well-educated authorities, and accelerate the process of reconstruction in a new route.

3. This opportunity and following outcomes will metamorphose a large part of my people's lives.

I, individually, believe that Afghanistan suffers pain of political corruption, though a great amount of aid funds is dived to avoid administrative immorality or bribery. After returning my homeland from Germany, at first appearance, I would make a decision-making team, say, by gathering new thoughts and ideas, particularly from youths; I would have a highly strong thinking power to prioritize issues. Then, taking some workshops in order to inform the educated people, at first step, of how to do well in a country passed three decades of war and fratricide would be my first plan. Also, at second step, I would assist the urban people, if I were appointed after graduation from Germany, and (as I hope to be in remote provinces) how to bravely involve and successfully deal with their new lives. And investing a large part of foreign aids is rampant on capacity-building and job-making opportunity. I have estimated that only some parts of all the money spending yearly would be satisfy Afghans, reduce the percentage of unemployment, terror (a big subject make some to do suicide attacks is rooted the unemployment) ineffective consequences in general if they invest in two fields of good management and good leadership; and make the international community more hopeful of the future of Afghanistan.

Now let's back to the quote mentioned in the first line and struggle to correct it. God is I, not someone else, but I wouldn't like to keep it going; to do so, I must look at the other and try to show I am my god. So, looking at the other makes me know how to talk, how to treat, how to control him not to be allowed to raid. To be our gods, we need to be with others; that is, every country requires knowing being well-led to get its lost position, particularly my beloved country after 30 years of fratricide and bleeding. Now, it's time to understand the "other" and do for "other" as we have done for "me" so far.

Sincerely yours,

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